Moving on to Soundcloud

2012-11-18 07:57:59 by Halindir

While I am moving my focus over to Soundcloud, I'll still upload most - if not all - pieces here, due to the limitation on "time" on Soundcloud
But I'll most likely not be reading or replying to reviews/comments here anymore.
My cloud

And on another note, I'm fiddling with the thought of a pagan folk album.

Moving on to Soundcloud


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2012-11-18 16:36:21

Sweet man i like the idea of a pagan folk album, give 'er!

I may have to follow you over to soundcloud then...

Halindir responds:

I might even brave the realm of lyrics this time.. but we shall see.
And I'll still visit NG often enough, I just don't think I want to be that active here - except for storing my spam and pieces here.