Star Citizen

2012-10-16 18:59:56 by Halindir
Updated en/I can't wait to be blown up in space


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2012-10-17 15:16:15

It looks pretty epic. I totally agree with him about PCs being the superior system; i think the few advantages that consoles have is only good for casual gamers. All he has to do now is wise up and use Halindir's music! hehe.

(Updated ) Halindir responds:

Haha, I think he needs the best of the best, not the adventuring hobo-hero of cinematic music, that is Halindir.
But yes, PC-games have been held back so painfully much these last five or more years by the obsolete technology in our current gen consoles. And I've never been so excited about needing a hardware upgrade, as I am now...all them polygons