Give me a challenge

2012-08-31 11:48:54 by Halindir

Just for the fun of it.

I'd like to ask whomever might read this to throw me a challenge (things like "Only use instruments starting with the letter A" or "Don't use a single c-note"..such things or whatever you want..but don't go too hard on me, I'm quite retarded.)

Give me a challenge


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2012-08-31 20:25:10

Ok i got one for you. Do something with the violin family of instruments (i mean these ones: and the Neapolitan Minor scale (in E that is E, F, G, A, B, C, D#). If you know the natural minor scale it's like that except the supertonic is half a step lower and the subtonic is half a step higher; if that makes any sense. The wikipedia page on the Neapolitan Scale isn't very helpful, i don't think. If the scale business is too much of a bother maybe just forget it and stick with the violin instruments. I think it could be interesting anyway.

(Updated ) Halindir responds:

I have no experience with the neapolitan minor scale..but I gave it a shot, though not entirely sure if I got the scale right and what not.

Here's the result ardur/neapolitan/s-u3b13


2012-09-01 20:05:44

Man that is awesome! I love the creepy tone it takes on. Yet at one point it has a brighter sounding part which is eventually over taken by the creepiness again and it's done so smooth; i love that changing of textures. I think that piece would go perfectly in a game of some sort; like having it loop around as you explore dark places and search for mysterious items and what not. I have a game in my favourites list called "Exmortis" which i think would be the right kind of game for a song like this. To be honest i can't tell just by listening if you have the scale totally correct but you have something right here i can tell you that much, it works for me! Hell yeah!

Halindir responds:

Aw yeah! Hah, it was a fun challenge, thanks!
Wish I could've done more out of the piece, but I felt pretty limited, since the scale was new territory.

It seems like a very mysterious-sounding scale.