Vaniardur - Ithryn Luin

2012-08-09 12:39:56 by Halindir

Ithryn Luin
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Halindir - Morinehtar & Rómestámo
Vaniardur - I
Vaniardur - II
Vaniardur - III
Vaniardur - IV
Vaniardur - V
Halindir - The Stream of Time
Vaniardur - VI
Vaniardur - VII
Halindir - Trees in The East
Vaniardur - VIII
Vaniardur - IX
Halindir - Outro
Halindir - Doriath (Bonus)

Vaniardur - Ithryn Luin


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2012-08-09 18:25:30

Sweet album man! My only complaint is the transition between "Morinehtar & Rómestámo" and "Vaniardur I" i think is a bit abrupt. Other than that i think the album is totally smooth and well done. Generally i seem to like the most recent Vaniardur tracks, the ones titled here as I through IV (hehe but i know their true numbers!) have got to be my favourite. The outro sounds awesome too, i haven't heard you use that big imposing horn sound before, i think it works well here. Anyway cool album!

(Updated ) Halindir responds:

Thank you very much GraveDigger, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I agree about the transition between the intro and Vaniardur - I was a bit too..tasteless. But so were all the fade-outs haha.

About the horns in Outro, I hadn't really realized how powerful they could be, until I made that track which I'll definitely be experimenting further upon! It might fail, it might not.

Only the bravest of ears knows the true names of the Vaniardur.

(Does the wind blow strong in the Deimosian banner still?)


2012-08-11 19:49:59

Yeah i'm still working on Deimosian. I made a song the other day that i wasn't happy with; of course i thought it was an amazing idea at first but later i was like ehhhhh no.

I'm trying to work on some stuff for Malificent too. I have one thrash metal riff that i think is totally sweet but i'm not getting anywhere putting it into a whole song. I am being pretty lazy. I'll get something done one day though. : )

Halindir responds:

That one day will be glorious indeed!
It's good to hear both projects are still alive - and I'll patiently await some new badass adventures

A shame, now I'm curious as to how that song might sound :B

I'll be patiently waiting for more of your awesome pieces!