2016 Submissions

Wrath of the Wyverns Heavy Metal Song
Carnival Loop Video Game Loop
Halindir - Vanaheimr Cinematic Song
Wrath of the Wolves Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Asgardr Cinematic Song
Halindir - Alfheimr Cinematic Song
Halindir - Oakbridge Meadow Cinematic Song
Vaniardur - LXIV Cinematic Song
Halindir - Passing Through Video Game Loop
Halindir - Europa XI Cinematic Song
Halindir - Nights II Ambient Song
Halindir - Nights Ambient Song
Halindir - Beleriand Classical Song
Halindir - Pleiades II Ambient Song
Halindir - Pleiades Ambient Song
The Village of Dol'Gardes Video Game Song
Halindir - Europa VI Classical Song
Buubdurub - Frontier Video Game Song
Vaniardur - LXIII Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Starloop Ambient Loop
Buubdurub - Cries V Ambient Song
Halindir - Nebulous Ambient Song
Halindir - Adventuring Video Game Loop
Buubdurub - Cries IV Ambient Song
Vaniardur LXII (Pulsar) Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - LXI Heavy Metal Song
Dance of Stars And Space Ambient Loop
Vaniardur - LX Heavy Metal Song
March of The Sloth Ambient Song
Schnapps Ambient Loop
Halindir - Starwaltz Ambient Song
Wrath of the Warthogs Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur-LIX Heavy Metal Song
Catacomb Disco Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Europa IV Ambient Song
Halindir - Europa III Ambient Song
Vaniardur - LVIII Heavy Metal Song
Occult Smegmasauce Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Intro (Europa Ambient Song
Halindir - Europa II Ambient Song
Halindir - Europa Ambient Song
Halindir - Belegost Classical Song
Vaniardur-Voyage Ambient Song
Halindir - Hurin Classical Song
Halindir - Carriage Ambient Loop
Lawrence of Robotia Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Autumn Sun Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Lindon Classical Song
Halindir - Conquest Classical Song
Halindir - Monuments Classical Song
Halindir - Doriath Ambient Song
Vaniardur - LVI Ambient Song
Vaniardur - LV Ambient Song
Halindir - Something Old Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Strider Ambient Song
Vaniardur - LII Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - LI Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - L Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - LIX Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XLVIII Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XLVII Heavy Metal Song
Halindir-The Cosmic Dream Ambient Loop
Halindir - Pelennor Classical Song
As Inspiration Fades Ambient Song
Vaniardur - XLIV Heavy Metal Song
In The Stream of Time Ambient Song
Halindir - A Dying Star Classical Song
March of The Hobbits Ambient Song
Vaniardur - XLIII Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Rosette Ambient Song
Vaniardur - XLII Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XLI Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XLI (WIP) Heavy Metal Song
Shores of Pleasant Dreams Ambient Song
Halindir-Farewell Bag End Classical Song
Halindir-Fjording Rivers Ambient Song
Sweet Fruits of Patience Miscellaneous Loop
Halindir - Dusk Ambient Song
Vaniardur - XL Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XXXIX Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Spring Flower Ambient Loop
Vaniardur - XXXVIII Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XXXVI Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Space Romance Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur-Dagor Dagorath Heavy Metal Song
Quenta Silmarillion Ambient Song
Loop of The Stargazer Ambient Loop
Halindir-Beren & Luthien Ambient Song
Halindir-Lady of The Moon Ambient Song
Halindir - Ainulindale Ambient Song
Vaniardur - Numenor Heavy Metal Song
Varniardur - Nargothrond Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - Lost Wisdom Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - XXXII Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XXXII WIP Miscellaneous Song
The Fireplace By The Lake Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Elenwë Classical Song
Bastardchild of Boredom Miscellaneous Song
A Prelude To Glory Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - XXXI Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XXXI WIP. Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Event X Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Event IX Classical Song
Halindir - Event VIII Miscellaneous Song
Exotic Nightmare Ambient Song
Halindir - Event VII Classical Song
Axemurder on Mars-Blood&Vacuum Miscellaneous Song
The Day SOPA Won Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - XXX/Event VI Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Event V Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Event IV Miscellaneous Loop
Vaniardur - XXIX Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Winter Loop Video Game Loop
Halindir - Event III Classical Song
Halindir - Event II Classical Song
Halindir - Event I Classical Song
Vaniardur - XXIIX Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - A Piece of Boredom Ambient Song
Vaniardur - XXVII Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XXVI Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XXV Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XXIV Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XXIIV Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Closure Ambient Song
Vaniardur - XXII Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Sentry Classical Song
Vaniardur - XXI Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XX Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - XIX Heavy Metal Song
Hastilly made Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - XIIX Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - The Noble Peasant Classical Song
Vaniardur - XVII Miscellaneous Song
Herpcats Video Game Song
Derpcats Video Game Song
Halindir - October Winds Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - XVI Heavy Metal Song
Vaniardur - Epilogue Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - XIV Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Sun Ambient Song
Halindir - Drifting Ambient Song
Halindir - The Anomaly Ambient Song
Halindir - Cosmic Exploration Ambient Song
Halindir - Earth, Our Home Ambient Song
Vaniardur - XIIV Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - To Battle Ambient Loop
Vaniardur - Medieval Times Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Withering Roots WIP Ambient Song
Halindir - Medieval Times Video Game Song
Halindir - And All The Faggots Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Sensommerbrisen Ambient Song
Halindir - By The Castleruins Classical Song
Reaching the Exosphere Ambient Song
Halindir- Mining the Asteroids Ambient Song
Aligning the Celestials Ambient Song
Halindir - Halindir's Theme Classical Song
Halindir - Warpspace II Ambient Song
Halindir - Warpspace Ambient Song
Halindir - The Halfling Bard Ambient Song
Halindir - The Pixel Castle Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - Adventuring Heavy Metal Song
Beneath The Seas of Titan Ambient Song
Halindir - In the Grass Miscellaneous Song
Swampy Circus Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Safe Haven Classical Song
Halindir - Flotilla Classical Song
Halindir - Lillidefolk Miscellaneous Song
Cracklebin Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Catatonic Ambient Song
Fish and Microchips Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Contemplating Ambient Song
Halindir - March of The Ants Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Chants Ambient Song
Vaniardur - X Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Ascending Ambient Song
Vaniarduric Miscellaneous Song
Melodies for a play Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - IX Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - March of The Frogs Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - IIX Miscellaneous Song
Me Gusta Miscellaneous Loop
Halindir - Pale Blue Dot Ambient Song
Halindir - Cosmos Ambient Song
Halindir - Nebula pt. II Ambient Song
Halindir - Nebula pt. I Ambient Song
Halindir - Ciespor's Betrayal Ambient Song
Vaniardur - VII Miscellaneous Song
Spacecruise Miscellaneous Loop
Halindir - Shuttle Ambient Song
Halindir - Merope Ambient Song
Imindoi Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Cosmice Imnuri Ambient Song
Halindir - Arise From The Mud Ambient Song
Halindir - Arde La Sol Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Lacrimi de Floare Ambient Song
Vaniardur - VI Miscellaneous Song
March of the Crabs Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - V Ambient Song
Halindir-Endless Tessalations Classical Song
Vaniardur - IV Miscellaneous Song
Second Attempt At Trance Trance Song
An ode to Shadow Dragon Trance Song
Halindir - Lord of Murder Ambient Song
Vaniardur - III Miscellaneous Song
Vaniardur - II Ambient Song
Vaniardûr - I Heavy Metal Song
Halindir - Transcending Ambient Song
Halindir - Dreamvault Ambient Song
Halindir - The Trollhunt Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Rise Ambient Song
Halindir - Orbit Ambient Song
Halindir - Alea Iacta Est Ambient Song
Halindir - Power word:Kill Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Interlude I Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Intro/Outro II Ambient Song
Halindir - Intro/Outro Ambient Song
Halindir - Shards of Ice Ambient Song
Halindir - Lush Lands Ambient Song
Halindir - Polka Rooster Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Lucid Dreams Ambient Song
Halindir - Skovtur [RAC4] Ambient Song
Halindir - The Summoning Ambient Song
Halindir - The Lillides General Rock Song
Halindir - Dungeon Ambient Song
Halindir - March of the Wasps Heavy Metal Song
HeartTail Finnbite Miscellaneous Song
Halindir-Guinea Pig Legends I Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - The Abyss Classical Song
Halindir - Through the Forest General Rock Song
Pepples General Rock Song
Halindir - Dwarf Fortress Ambient Song
Halindir-Pied Piper of Hamelin Ambient Song
Halindir - RetroGame-ish Video Game Song
Halindir - Insanity Ambient Song
Halindir - Valhalla Ambient Song
Halindir - Distant Shores Ambient Song
Halindir - Monotonous Ambient Song
Where Hobgoblins Dare Ambient Song
March of the Guinea pigs Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Ambience 2 Ambient Song
Halindir - Ambience Ambient Song
Halindir - Mysterious Loop Ambient Loop
A collection of Melodies Classical Song
Dingleberry Route Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Kraken Video Game Song
Lush Lands Miscellaneous Song
Halindir - Stream I Classical Song
Halindir - Autumn Ambient Loop
Illa Tidani (Burzum Cover) Classical Song
Halindir - Ambient III Ambient Song
Halindir - Twilight Classical Song
Halindir - Burden Classical Song
March of the shrimps Classical Song
Beaver reproduction Miscellaneous Loop
Han Som Reiste (Burzum Cover) Ambient Song
Dørstopper Classical Song
BattleBattle Ambient Song
Halindir - Ambient II Ambient Song
Halindir - Ambient I Ambient Song
WelloBelloB-CubNinjas Miscellaneous Song